Whitney is currently in L.A.
Thrifting, Drinking Coffee & Watching Movies.

    Fleeting Esteem (2022)
We Were Looking Through Your
Footage & It Was Just a Bunch of Blurry Crap (2021)
It Felt Really Good at the Time (2020)
The Mirror to the Heart (2020)
An Idea is Forming (2020)
The Time I Had a Threesome for a Cheeseburger (2019)
Catch Up (2016)
DogShow QVC (2014)

    Eternal Family Presents Luxury Resort (2022 Video Installation)
The Civil Dead (2021 Actor/Production Designer)
My Fears (2021)
Ask Whitney (2021)
Pigpen Clothing (On-going)
‘Untitled 16’ at SooVac (2020)
Scrap Quilt (2020)
Digital Birdwatching (2020)
Murze Digital Residency (2020)
The Golden One (2019)
Untitled Worm (2018)
Rug (2016)
Puffy Paintings (2015)
Advice From Paradise (2014-2016)
The Secretary Between Us (2010)

Music Videos
    Whitmer Thomas “Rigamorole” (2022 Production Designer)
    Itch Princess “Somebody New” (2022 Director/Editor)
Colleen Green “Maybe I’ll Get Hit By A
Car Tonight” (2019 Director/Editor)
MarcLo “Coogi Sweater” (2018 Editor)
Giving Up “Fun” (2016 Director/Editor)
Nedelle Torissi “Double Horizon” (2015 Editor)
Tegan And Sara “U Turn” (2015 Editor)
Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling” (2015 Editor)
The Ceremonies “Land Of Gathering” (2014 Editor)
Sam Smith & Mary J. Blige “Stay With Me” (2013 Editor)
Heejun & Pusha T “Bring The Love Back” (2013 Editor)
Sky Blu “Salud” (2013 Editor)
Mark Ballas “Get My Name” (2013 Editor)
Nicki Minaj x Chris Brown “Love More” (2012 Editor)
Wale “Slight Work” (2011 Editor)

Client Work
   “Ripened” Almond MilkMaiden
    Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour (Tour Visuals Prep Editor)
    Facebook x LA3C
    Ticketmaster - Various 
    Lyric Agency - Various
    Clean Origin - Brand Videos
    Parsley Health (Motion)
    Hulu Presents AAPI Heritage Heroes (2022 Editor/Motion Designer)
           -Opening Film
           -Japanese Breakfast “Paprika”
           -Mc Jin “Stop The Hatred”
    A Love Letter to DC Grads (2022 Editor)
    MAPS 60 Sec Brand Film (2022 Editor)
    Jerome Blake “The Shadow of Success (2022)
    Coldplay x BTS NRJ (2022 Editor)
Google I/O x Tuneyards (2021 Editor)
Coach Branded Content/Coach TV (2020-2021 Editor)
Pollen (2019-2021 Editor)
Tea Collection (2020-2023 Editor)
Dave (2020 Editor)
Complex Networks (2016-2019 Editor/Motion Designer)
Stanford d.School (2018 Editor/Motion Designer)
Fitaid Brand Video (2018 Editor)
Deafheaven x Raybans (2015 Editor)
Chris Brown Fortune Album Promo (2012) Galore Magazine x Beach Bunny (2014 Editor)