Piddio Island

A video installation placed in the bathroom of NonPlusUltra
Eternal Family’s show ‘Luxury Resort’


It Felt Really Good at the Time

A short film made for the 2020 Murze Digital Residency.
Written, Directed and Edited by Whitney Weir

A person applys 99 layers of lipstick in an attempt to release herself from her surroundings. 


The Time I had a Threesome for a Cheeseburger

Video Installation originally made for P’zonefest.
also shown at 'Untitled 16', SooVac Juried Exhibition 2020

A woman eager to please her audience tells a ‘Storytime’ while munching down on a seafood boil.


The Secretary Between Us 

Sculpture/Audio Installation
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

A pair of speakers play the voicemails between two people during their long-term relationship.